Thursday, June 27, 2013


 My Scooterbug just had a birthday-- he is 12 years old!  
 He is my greeter to all the new foster dogs who come here.   He's just so sweet.  
 His Daddy, Wicket, was a super sweet dog, too.
 And his mom, Lottie, is a dollbaby!  
 I had Scooter and his sister, Sweetpea.    They loved to help with the dishes.
 Look at that cute fluffy butt.
 Sweetpea had a perfect heart on her forehead.  
 She was an adventurous little thing!   Unfortunately, she died suddenly at 6 months old.   Scooter and I were both devastated.
 He was so sad that we got Cranberry.     Isn't she cute!
 Scooterbug was the cutest boy!    He LOVED to play and EAT!!!    That was his favorite thing.    He kept growing and growing... until he ended up at almost 19 pounds-- and no fat on him.
 Here he was curled up with Lottie and Cranberry.   All kinds of boxes make great dog beds.
 Scooter and Cranberry loved to be together.   They are still very comfortable with each other, both have medical issues, but they have a bond.
 Scooter (on right) and Cranberry loved all the fosters who came to visit-- Cranberry isn't such a fan anymore, but Scooter still loves when a new one shows up.
Happy 12th birthday to  my sweet boy!!  


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Happy Birthday, Scooterbug! Enjoyed reading about you and your friends. Glad you are still being a "greeter!" Do you still help wash the dishes? You are a handsome boy!

Doris Sturm said...

Happy Birthday, Scooter. May you have many more happy years ahead with your loving family and friends. You've had an exciting life and I'm glad you are enjoying life. Lots of kisses and belly rubs from your friends, Doris, Weezie and Teddy Barker :-)

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday to Scooterbug! He is such a sweet and handsome boy. Praying for his health! I know he is such a gentle and loving boy.

lady jicky said...

Oh a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the "Bug" !!!

Extra Big Kisses from your girlfriends in Australia - Oz :)