Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Piper was adopted last month.    His mom and dad have two others and now they have ABBI!!   Abbi's mom was rescued from a puppy mill with her tiny puppy/    Piper's mom and dad applied to adopt her and they were chosen out of all the applications!    Abbi is almost 8 weeks (weaned from her mom and ready for a home) so she was able to join the family this week.     Abbi loves Piper!    Piper is a SWEET boy and is so patient.   He's not sure what to do with Abbi charging his face to play and nipping on his legs.    I think they will become the very best of friends!   I can't wait for more pictures and she grows and see how Piper does -- I'm sure he'll be the best big brother!
Piper already has a big brother-- Sammy.    They are becoming good friends, too.    It's a happy Peke family!!

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lady jicky said...

Lovely - and wonderful photos too!