Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 Polly Pockets has been in rescue a month-- happy anniversary little girl!  
 She does great with her buddies, Monk and Nippy!    She is learning to go out in the yard with them.  She tries to keep up with them on a leash with her little legs. Monk and Nippy have adjusted to no longer walking the neighborhood as Polly does not seem to have the stamina to go very far but she tries very hard to keep up with her big brothers and do whatever they do.
 Polly had a lot of trouble breathing when we got her, but after surgery, she is doing so well.    She isn't struggling for air all the time.     She is house trained and loving-- when her foster daddy comes home, she rolls over for a belly rub.  
She is having a  photo shoot this week with her foster brothers-- I can't wait to see those pictures!   (I won't tell Desi that you're having that photo shoot!)

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lady jicky said...

Miss Polly is very cute and I am so happy she is breathing alot better now .