Friday, June 21, 2013


 Cici came into rescue last month-- and we  found out she was going to have puppies.
 We thought Miki, the black one, was the father, since they were found together.     (How could someone not have looked for them!)
 Yesterday, Jeanne was up all night and the puppies started coming early in the morning.  
 Look at that tiny face!
 There were six puppies, but two didn't make it.  So sad-- but we have four who are doing well.  The weights ranged from 5.6 ounces to 7 ounces each.
 This pictures makes me smile-- it's how new mothers probably feel-- TIRED!
Cici is doing a great job with her babies.   We'll have follow-ups and pics.     Click here: CiCinursingvideoJune202013002 - YouTube   I'm doing a blog since some people (like my friend, Melinda, who lives in Austrlia) don't get to see the facebook pictures.     Enjoy them!  And BIG THANKS to Jeanne for all she is doing and has done!
I know Miki can't wait to meet his puppies, too!
His "Aunt Pati" sent this-- Love it!


lady jicky said...

Oh how cute - thankyou for putting this up for me to see Linda :)

Cici looks like a good Mum !

diane said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! Such a beautiful little family - the owner must have been nuts to let these two beaitiful pekes stray!!!

I want one, please~!!!But of course you already knew that!

Diane D.