Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 Lacy wants everyone to see her garden.    My husband has been there, but I need to go.    (Lacy and Winks were adopted from us.)
 Look at the beautiful trellis-- what are the flowers growing on it?
 I need a wall of slate stones and steps in my yard-- I have a large slope.  
 Love the little fountain here-- the sound of water is so soothing.
 Winks is show us another view.    Hi, Mr. Winks!  
 What do you mean, "Hi, Mr. Winks."  What about me?!"    I love you, too, Lacy!
 They are building a chicken coup-- now that is uptown!    My grandbits would love that for themselves.
 My husband would love these beds in our yard-- some are for herbs, some for other things, like kale (which I love!).    Do Lacy and Winks stay out of these?  (My dogs would be running through them!)
 Hello, Miss Lacy Bean.
 I could fit one of these in my yard-- it's the only sunny spot because of all the tress I have.  
I think Winks is volunteering to help me build one.   I'm sure you'd be a big help-- I know you've helped your parents in the yard.   :-)

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lady jicky said...

I agree - that is some Chicken House!!!