Sunday, June 23, 2013


 Maddie loves his stuff toy, but his favorite thing is....
playing ball with his dad!
Look at this beauty!   We just got him on Saturday.  He is about two years old and w have named him Cody.   He was freshly groomed, so I don't know why he wasn't claimed.    He needs medical care and then will be available for adoption.  I love his markings!
Butterscotch is at home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.    He likes to go to the fence to chat with the big dog next door.    I think they've become good friends.   Everyone needs a friend.
I did a blog the other day on Lacy and Winks-- I forgot to put this one.   It's one of my favorites, too.   I love the ones  of Pekes with flowers-- something about the coloring and how cute they look.    Hello, Mr. Winks!
Muggles is waiting for her forever home.   Really, little girl, isn't there another place you can keep a look-out? :-)
Last is sweet Popsickle.    He's an older boy, but so sweet!    He hadn't been cared for, and he's enjoying all the love now.      Hugs to you, sweet one!    

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lady jicky said...

Yes Linda - Lots and lots of sweet Pekes !!!