Monday, June 17, 2013


 Piper has been in his new home several weeks now.  Wow, is it quiet here!   I told his new parents that he was a dog of joy-- and he is!   He's not noisy, but there is an abundance of happiness when he is around.  
 He found something he can get under at his new home.    (Yes, we foster parents and parents get down on the floor to get these pictures!)
 He would often hide under the ottoman at my house to get away from Beach Bit.
 He has two Peke siblings and they have a great bed to curl up on.
 Sometimes the couch is better, though.
 And they have a new red couch!  Wow, you can't miss them on this.
 Piper wore his belly band for awhile, but he doesn't need it most of the time now.  Some dogs just need this as they adjust to a new home, new family and new routine.
Piper is so  loved in his new home-- we miss him here, but I'm so glad he's doing so well!   Love you, Piper!

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lady jicky said...

Love how Piper has is own Peke family now and don't they all get on so well!