Thursday, June 13, 2013


 Jazzy-Lee is really coming along in foster care.    She was a breeder's dog that was given up-- guess they had no more use for her.    She started to keep tail is up. She stays with Jeanne in the garden if Jeanne is out there.   I had to show you some of Jeanne's garden pictures.   It's stunning!    (I will not show more pictures of my yard-- as I have construction starting.    A deck is being torn out, so there is no reason to "beauty up" my yard yet.    It's just going to be trashed.
 Jeanne has beautiful beds all over the back yard.
She has little hidden places you can sit and relax.   I love the colors she had chosen.  Bright, happy colors!
 If you have a plant question, Jeanne is the one to ask.
 She has a special place to grow veggies.  
 Bill made a large cage to keep out volunteer feeders-- like squirrels!
 Jeanne has all kind of shrubs, and flowers-- and of course, little figurines and things to look at.
 Like this.
 And this.
 And here's another one.
 Jazzy-Lee is exploring all the things there are-- and wagging her tail and kssiing Jeanne's hand.
She is a precious little one-- and she will thrive in the right home.     She is afraid of loud noises, so a calm home would be better.   
If you are interested in this sweet girl, just let us know.


lady jicky said...

This little one is like my Coco - very timid and I really think they do not change that much.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

What a beautiful yard and gardens! Love the little Peke Jazzy Lee. Does she help dig? Hope she finds her furever home soon!