Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 This young 2 year old came from a Maryland shelter-- he was freshly groomed, so why didn't someone claim him?
 Sarah picked him up-- he's out!      He was so excited!
 Sarah is helping with an extra foster since I can't foster right now (I had eye surgery this week and one more in a month).  
 Cody doesn't understand why he was abandoned.  He's wearing a belly band because he has a bladder infection and a bladder stone.    Surgery will probably be this week and he'll do fine after that.  
He is a super happy dog, he gets along with other dogs and is just a joy to be around.      And what beautiful markings and sweet face.
  If you'd like to adopt him, let us know!   I think he's looking for his new mom and dad!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - what a sweet man and why did they do that???

I hope you are feeling better and resting up!

I am doing my "Adoption Dance" for cute Cody - that boy needs a loving home!!!!