Saturday, June 8, 2013


 Lucinda sent me pictures of her gang (hers and fosters and former fosters)-- all sleeping!    Fiona has curled up in her pink bed.   Sure looks soft.
 Cassidy is stretched out a bit..
 and then changes position to a more comfortable one.
 Look at Chyna-- what a sweet face!  She was adopted, too.
 Oh, Desi-- are you without your Diva dresses?   I see your eyes open-- so you knew the picture was taken, or are you in shock! haha
 Oh, Dollar, you are so silly.
 Is that an e-collar?  Pretty fancy.
 Life is rough for a Peke.
 Fiona is getting special care from her parents-- she has a lot of health issues, but they are doing so much for her.  
 Two Pekes in one bed-- well, almost in one bed.   I think one missed!
 Jesse, look at you sleeping.   You have your own home now with a new mom.    But, Lucinda and Roger sure loved you while you were there!
 Little Madge is resting-- she has a severe heart problem, so she sleeps a lot, but she is hanging in there.   She gets a lot of love which has kept her going.
 Wait, that's not a Peke-- it's Roger!    Dollar is checking him out and Fiona is ready to just curl up.
 Puji is very cozy in a pink bed-- couldn't you find a blue bed little one?   Puji has liver issues, but is getting the best care he could have.
 Tramp came into rescue with so many health problems-- but his new family  take care of all of them.  I love our adopters!
Last, but not least, here is Roger's girl.    Wanda gets to go to Starbucks every day with Roger, and they know her well.    I know she doesn't drink any-- otherwise, she'd be wide awake!     Sleeping Pekes-- aren't they all cute!


lady jicky said...

Oh boy - after looking at all those sweet sleeping Pekes - I need to go to bed now! LOL

** Miss Moi Moi is Verrrrry jealous of Lucinda's pink bed in Toile de Jouy fabric !!!! Tres Chic!

Mary St. Mary said...

I lost count - how many do they have??