Tuesday, June 25, 2013


 Lily Kay is doing great!     She is almost ready to have her "mouth cast" removed.  
 It didn't slow down her eating, that's for sure.    She was so glad to have her bad teeth removed and her jaw stabilized that she went right back to eating very soft food.    (Imagine a plastic retained on your lower jaw all the time.)    
 She was a puppy mill dog and so she is shy.   She took time to trust, but now she will roll over for belly rubs.  
 She loves having freedom to sit in the yard, curl up by the plants and enjoy the sunshine--
It's a far cry from the cage she lived in before.
 Here's a close up of her mouth cast.    She isn't phased!     Loud noise can bother her, but she is doing much better.    After a life of being bred and having little human contact, she is doing so well.
She needs a home with someone who will help her with her shyness and continue to help her learn that she's worth loving.     This special little soul has so  much to give.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh what a good girl - that mouth guard looks like it would be a bother all the same but she knows its for the best - clever girl!

I am doing a special "happy adoption dance" for this sweet one for she must go to a very special home!
*Thinking of you Linda XXX