Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 I posted these two yesterday, asking for a foster.   Sampson, above, and Sarie, were in a small, rural shelter, with no hope.    Someone volunteered to foster them, and Martha went into high gear and they were rescued yesterday!     Thank to others who have volunteered to help now.    More will be coming who need our help.
Sampson and Sarie are small-- just about 8 pounds!   They need to gain a little.   They are very bonded, and we will adopt them together only.   They are about 8 years old, we think, but more information will come as they are given medical treatment and go into foster care.  (They are currently with one of our vets since one has kennel cough.)   They are super sweet, loving and playful.    I can't wait to meet them!     We are a rescue group who (like all others) depend on our foster homes.   We can't do it without you.   

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 Do you ever wonder about how we get our foster dogs.    This little boy is currently in a shelter in WV.   On facebook, emails, and messages, we find out about little ones like this.  
 The little boy and this little female are currently in a kill shelter.   Why don't we just run get them?
Because, we need help with transport-- and most important, we have to have a place to put them.    This male is in a shelter in NC where we have taken in at least four others, including Sir Jenkins.   Is he safe yet?    I don't know.     
This little black one was found in someone's back yard-- they have not taken him to a shelter yet.   They are trying to find a rescue to take him.  He is probably about ten years old.    He seems to be housetrained and good with other dogs.    They have asked us to take him-- but can we?  Not without a place to put him.   (Jeanne and I cannot take in every foster-- we become overloaded.   And now that I am caring for two grandchildren, fostering is not easy.)
 Our fosters are wonderful and dedicated people.   Yodi above, was a foster and because Paula stepped up to help, he was saved and has been adopted.
 You all know Starlight-- she came to me 8 years ago-- and because PVPC stepped up to help, she was not taken to a shelter.    (And she still lives with me, the little stinker.)
 Chumley looked like a junk yard dog with matted hair and infected skin.   Would someone adopt a dog in that shape from a shelter?   Probably not.    Most just want a cute dog, a healthy dog-- they don't want a sick one.   So, his only chance was a rescue.   He came to me as a foster and yes, he is still here.   You see, if as a foster parent, you fall in love, you have first choice on adopting.   I didn't "fall in love" as much has my grandbit did!  So, Chumley is a member of the family now.   He is a big clown!
 Cookie was part of the Bristol 18-- she had a heart on her forehead.   Her foster mom took care of her to help her adjust to being loved and cared for.   She taught her to trust and Cookie was adopted.
Brandy and Camden, above, were saved because someone fostered.  (Thanks, Jeanne and Mary Elizabeth!)  Without foster homes, we cannot save them.   We try to match dogs to the best possible foster homes, so that their needs can be cared for.   Some dogs are very timid, so we are careful to pick homes where there is experience to deal with these.    If you want to be part of our foster team, apply to foster on our web site: and go to on line links.    All rescues are only as good as those who support and help-- Could you be one to help save a Peke?

Monday, September 28, 2015


 Tux came to his new moms, Paige and Danni, three years ago.   Look at those eyes.
 He was a beautiful Peke-- I know his breeder and she has beautiful dogs.   She only has a small number and they are given incredible care-- so Tux was going to be stunning.
 And he was!
 He had a wonderful and loving temperament.
 His moms are Peke lovers (plus one Chin) and Tux got along with all of them.   This was their Christmas picture.
 Last May, he had trouble breathing and was in the hospital, but he came home and was fine.
 He was his old self again.   This morning, while being groomed, he suddenly stopped breathing.   Nothing could be done to save him.   Paige and Danni are shocked by the tragic loss of their beautiful boy.
Paige is here holding him.   We are so very sorry for your loss.   Run free now, sweet Tux.


 Meet Shakespeare!   His nick name is Shakers-- I think that is so cute!
 He was turned in by his owner-- they kept him up to date on vaccines, and he is neutered-- but his skin is in rough shape.  He is now on antibiotics and special shampoo to help him get better.
 He has "pouf" ears-- they are adorable!
 He came over with his foster mom, Tiffany, on Saturday.  
 He is timid when he first meets people, but then he warms up.
 He just wants someone who will cherish him.  
 He would do best without small children.   Most Pekes are like that-- unless they have been taught good manners.
 Shakers needs a dental and time to heal, but he will heal.   He is about 7-8 years old and has many years left to have a happy life.
Welcome to rescue, Shakers!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


 Laura adopted all her Pekes from us.    Sir Jenkins joined them last-- but on the blog, he's first.  I'm sure he would like that.
 At first, Laura fostered for us-- but she failed, like so many of us do.   Milo came to her as a puppy-- and he was  SO cute.  I don't think any of us would have let him go.
 Laura kept him-- could you resist this face!?
 Really?   Look at that tongue, Sir Jenkins!
 Mika came to us as a puppy with her mom-- I fostered her in 2006!   I can't believe she is already nine years old.
 She is definitely the boss of her home-- just like she was as a puppy.  I could see that strong will early on.
 Sweet Luca is the old gentleman there.   He is a sweetheart.
 Laura's home is full-- of Pekes, love and joy!    These dogs all have such a great home!
I love this picture-- they look like they are on a pinwheel!    I just want to kiss them all!
Laura sure loves her Pekes!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


 Pumpkin came into rescue 2 years ago--she was surrendered to a shelter by her owners.   She was ten years old then (we were told), and had a lot of skin issues.  She was in dire need of a dental.
 Jeanne fostered her and had all her medical done and then she went to a wonderful foster home in NC.   She had all the food she could want-- she knew right where the refrigerator was.
 She celebrated holidays like Christmas and birthdays.
 She had a big doggy family and did so well.    I love this picture!
 She loved to be held on her mom's lap and enjoyed having the life of care and love.
She seemed to be doing well, but she had a sudden decline and passed away this morning.    She will be so missed by her moms who loved her so much.   I'm so glad she was able to have so much love her last two years.   Run free, now sweet girl.


 Look at this beauty.   This is Jeanne's girl Sassy Marie.
 Sassy came to us four years ago from a shelter.   She had been turned in by her owner who could not afford medical care for her.
 Sassy could not move her head, and was in obvious pain.
 It turned out to be a cervical issue and she had surgery.   We are so grateful for those that contribute to our rescue, so that we can help dogs like Sassy.
 Dr.Barnes, in Richmond, did the surgery and it turned out SO well!!
 Sassy was at Jeanne's a long time- and she ended up being a foster failure.  I know when we bring these dogs through major things, it is so hard to let them go.  And some are with us so long.   Sassy posed above before her spa day this month.  
And look at her now-- she is such a beauty.   And since her surgery four years ago, she has done great!    Good medical care and a lot of love make such a difference.    And today, I am giving Jeanne a big hug through the blog -- please pray for her today as her family is going through a lot.   Thank you!