Friday, September 18, 2015


 Gunther was turned into rescue by his owner.   I can get so upset-- why aren't these dogs taken care of!?   Gunther has the barest of his needs taken care of.   They deserve the best.
 Dollar agrees!   TAKE CARE OF US-- he says.
 Gunther, here with Desi, was in rough shape.   He had a heart murmur, horrible teeth, and he was severely anemic.  
 Lucinda (our Roanoke vet) had to address the most important first.   He was too anemia to do anything, so that was first.
 He has come a long way.   He is not anemic anymore, he has had his dental (has ten teeth left) and is doing great with the other dogs there.
 Lucinda loves the little black ones and she has fallen in love with Gunther.
 He has heart issues and she knows exactly what to do for him.  
 Like the rest there, Gunther has already had photo sessions.    He looks so handsome!
 Lounging outside with his bow tie on is a perfect way to spend some time.
 He is only about 12 pounds, look at those little legs.
 I think he is a keeper-- Lucinda said he is already a foster failure.   Oh my.
Here is a group photo with some of their dogs.   Desi, of course, if front and center!    Welcome to our big Peke family, Gunther!


lady jicky said...

You know what Linda ..... I am glad Gunther was handed in! He has the best care and he must feel so well and happy with all the issues treated plus .... he can have Desi as a girlfriend!!! LOL

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

A big awwwww for Gunther and I love the group portrait, seeing "most of" the Hodges' dogs!! :)

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Gunther is a charming and handsome Peke, as well as a heart stealer! I can see why the Hodges have made him a foster failure. He is so handsome and dapper with his bow ties and hat! Gunther is learning the good life and seems tolerant of his accessories. <3