Sunday, September 6, 2015


 Yodi came into rescue several weeks ago.   He has been through several changes, which happens when we take one in.  They can sometimes have a temporary time at a foster home on their way to their main foster home.  It can be confusing, but he's doing great!  
 Paula offered to foster Yodi and he attached himself quickly to her.
 Paula had to go out of town, so Yodi came here to visit.   Beach Bit saw him and just accepted we had a new foster.   He was trying to get Yodi to follow him around.  
 Yodi took his own path around my almost grassless back yard.  :-(  (The rains have been so bad, and the slope is just enough that the top layer was washed away.   My fall project is to do something about this.)
 Yodi didn't care-- he was just having fun exploring.
 Yes, we have a little creek back there-- it's low tide.    And there is a mesh fence, so the dogs are safe.   But, he checked it out anyway.
 Beach Bit and Yodi decided to walk together around the yard.
 Exploring is fun.
 I think Yodi is part Tibetan Spaniel.    His face and head are more like that.   It's easy to get these mixed up for being a Peke.  Same "family" of dogs, and both nice!
 He quickly found the pink bed by my desk.   It has become a favorite of all the dogs here.
 Yes, I'm taking your picture-- you can go back to sleep now.
 And he did.
He's a sweet boy!


lady jicky said...

Oh he is a sweet boy and I love that photo of Yodi in the pink bed!!!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Yodi is cute, whatever his genetic makeup. :) I have to say I love Beach Bit's "look", with the shorts & tall rubber boots! LOL And my grass is crunchy brown. :(

Anonymous said...

He looks like a little angel there asleep on the pink bed.