Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 One of the nice things about rescue is you "meet" people that you never see in person.    Sissy's mom is one of those people.  
 Her mom's Peke, Maggie passed away several months ago and they were so lonesome without her.   Maggie had been her mom's shadow and she was missed so much.
 She saw that there was a blond Peke who needed a home.   Sissy was that Peke-- here she is with her house-mate cat, Harry Potter.    He doesn't sit near her often, so this is a rare picture.   We see you Harry!!  I know Sissy pretends to play with you by chasing you out of the room.   Oh my!
 Sissy had been abused and used just to produce more puppies.   Because of her background, she doesn't like to be picked up-- at all.   I imagine she went through a lot as a breeder dog and wasn't treated with any kindness-- but that is over now.
 She is overcoming what happened to her and is now cute and funny and very happy.  
She has come so far in her new home-- and loves her mom and dad.  And they absolutely adore her.
I know you struck gold, little Sissy!!    I'm so glad someone got you out of that place so you could have a happy home for the rest of your life!  Give you mom a Peke hug for me!  And thank her for all the support and encouragement she gives to me!

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lady jicky said...

"No more puppies for us hey Sissy - LOL "
..... Coco who was a breeder like Sissy says Hello from Oz.

So lovely to read this Linda !!!!!!!!!!