Monday, September 28, 2015


 Meet Shakespeare!   His nick name is Shakers-- I think that is so cute!
 He was turned in by his owner-- they kept him up to date on vaccines, and he is neutered-- but his skin is in rough shape.  He is now on antibiotics and special shampoo to help him get better.
 He has "pouf" ears-- they are adorable!
 He came over with his foster mom, Tiffany, on Saturday.  
 He is timid when he first meets people, but then he warms up.
 He just wants someone who will cherish him.  
 He would do best without small children.   Most Pekes are like that-- unless they have been taught good manners.
 Shakers needs a dental and time to heal, but he will heal.   He is about 7-8 years old and has many years left to have a happy life.
Welcome to rescue, Shakers!!

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

Oh Linda .... Mr Shakespeare is so handsome !!!
When you get the skin condition under control .... what a handsome man ... the next Peke James Bond!!!! :)