Sunday, May 31, 2009

April is Home

I posted April several days ago. She was found near a Home Depot in Virginia Beach. There were ads posted to try to find her owner. All agencies (animal control, etc) were notified. No one claimed her. So her finder asked if I would take her.
Of course, I said we would! We talked on the phone and were setting up a meeting so I could get her. I thought this would be an easy adoption. I had no idea HOW easy. After talking with her finder, I realized, "this lady really loves her!" She asked if she had to give her to me-- of course not! She said April had become best friends with her Yorkie. She said she had fallen in love with her.
And if you look at this sweet face, how could you NOT fall in love. So, April IS adopted-- by her finder. And both love each other so much. What a happy ending!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have a LOT of new Pekes coming into rescue. I want to introduce you to some. We need another foster home for one of them.

This is Bugsy/Buddy. He just came out of the shelter on May 28, and he's drugged here! He was neutered and just wanted to sleep. He's 2 years old, and under 13 pounds. He will be fostered in Norfolk, VA.
"Please, just let me sleep and stop taking my picture!"
This is Cocoa. He looks like a small version of another one I had last year. He has a little black tip on his tongue.
And here he is after surgery/neuter. He is very itchy right now, and hates his e-colar! He is 2 years old or less, and is about 13 pounds right now (needs to gain a little). He will be fostered in Maryland.
Okay, I don't have a name for this one! SEND ME SUGGESTIONS! He is in the shelter and can be released to us June 4. He has very unusual coloring, and tawny eyes. Some people call it a Mahogony color, which also explains his nose and eye color. He is a big boy! I think he's about 19-20 pounds. I have visited him in the shelter. As you can see, he has a nice big area, with a raised bed and quilt. This shelter is wonderful to the dogs and they get incredible care there. I need a foster home for this one, so let me know if you're interested. It has to be in Virginia or Maryland-- sorry, Melinda, he can't come to Australia. :-)
I think he wants out! Every dog in this shelter has a clean run, with raised beds, fresh, clean water, and a toy. They get good food and treats. They have big gravel areas to run and play in outside. Amazing shelter! I love working with them. They also have a vet right there!
Look at this face!!
Aspen just came into rescue. She was turned in to a rural Virginia shelter. She is young, under 2 years old we think. She is very sweet and loves riding in the car. More information to come!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bao and Nico++++++ BJ Farewell

I want to extend my sympathy to Pat, Joyce, and Glenna on the loss of their precious little BJ. They said she has gone to sleep with the angels. Her condition was deteriorating more and more every day and they made the decisions to end her pain. She is happier now even though they are very sad. We're so sorry-- Rest in Peace, Sweet Girl.
Bao and Nico were adopted last month to a family in the DC area. They are both young male and they sure do play. They look so much alike that they could be twins, except one if MUCH bigger-- I can't remember which! I think Bau is bigger-- he's the one with a little black on his forehead. He's close to twenty pounds and Nico is only about twelve pounds.
They have settled in nicely in their new home. Here they have a tug of war-- I think Bau, on the couch, has the advantage! Their couch looks like some curtains I have. Nico is a little gentleman. He has definitely bonded more with his new mom, following her around and generally looks to her to save him from his new brother when Bao is being pesty. Bao is just a ton of fun, he makes his new parents laugh with his antics. They both love to walk.

Bao means Little Treasure. Bao is such an inquisitive little boy, it’s hard for him to stay focused. He loves to ‘chase’ the birds in his new back yard,
Bao and Nico both love to race through their new dog door, in and out, chasing each other until they collapse with exhaustion (which lasts about 3 mins!).

I don't know which one this is! But, looking out the window is so much fun. You can guard the yard and yell at the birds from this vantage point.
Looks like they have a wonderful new home!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smush Faces

If you want to have a laugh before you read the blog, click here. :-)
Click here: Why everyone should have a dog! Video by Neicy - MySpace Video

New foster dog, Cocoa, arrived today. HELP-- we need foster home! :-) If you can help, please email me at

Lotus Blossom aka Buffy was still in her foster home when these were taken. She lived with Thomas and Mick for awhile.
She was in the chair first! Then Thomas joined her-- or should we say, he poured in on top of her. Then, Mick came over the other arm, claiming the sstill open corner.

I think they really all wanted a picture taken together before Lotus Blossom left. But, she's thinking, in the background, "Stay here.. go to lots of space... stay here... go to lots of space. HMMMMMM. what should I do." I think the decision is made, though-- she's stuck!! :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Penny Ann--

My friend, Jeanne, lost her precious Penny Ann to cancer yesterday. She is pictured here with DiDi the Pekingese she adopted from us. Penny Ann was a rescue dog that Jeanne and Bill have had for six years.

We're so sorry. My heart hurts for you, Jeanne and Bill. Rest in peace, Penny Ann. You will be missed.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I thought it would be nice to go sit on my bed and read and just take a break. You know-- no interruptions, no dogs, no noise..... I'm dreaming! Cranberry followed me upstairs and said, "Can I get on the bed with you?"
So, I put her on the bed.
And she began talking-- "There are other dogs up here-- do they have to get on the bed?!"
And then Maggie came up. She was just fine in her own area. We have a king-sized bed and so there is plenty of room.
And she looks like she's going to fall asleep quickly.
And then Scooter asked to get on the bed and there they were, together. But, they suspect someone ELSE wants on the bed!
Scooter moves around, trying to get situated. There's room for one more.
Okay, he's ready.
Now Chance is up on the bed-- he still had his e-collar on that day. He decided to join Maggie and Scooter on one end and give Cranberry the WHOLE other side of the bed. Cranberry can be a little testy, so they give her all the space she needs.
And Maggie is checking to make sure Cranberry is still on the other side.
All is safe, so Scooter lays down.
And Cranberry is very happy is HER area.
And now can we all rest and take a break?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

April, Safe Now

April was found near a Home Depot by a kind woman. She looked for her owners and no one claimed her, so April is coming into rescue for us to find a home for her. (She named her April since that's the month she was found.)
April is beautiful, as you can see! She is a sweet girl and we'll have more information on her soon. If you're interested in adopting April (or Max, Maggie, or Chance or any of our other rescue dogs), please email me at

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shadow Muffin/Therapy Dog

It's Shadow again!! You know, the happy Lake Dog. :-)
Here he is with Meng and Nico in the back.
Look at this happy face.
And this sweet face!
And this wet face-- looks like somebody went to the lake-- or a dip in the water bowl!
And then there's the sleepy face. BIG YAWN.
Shadow is just a wonderful boy. And he now has a job! He goes to the nursing home to help the older people there. To give them a smile, to give them some joy.
And look at the face of one of the people he visits. She is very happy to have him there. Shadow looks like he isn't too sure about it-- but he really does enjoy it!! Another working Pekingese with a wonderful job. Way to go, Shadow!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shadow at the Shore

Shadow loves to go to the shore!! His family has a house on a lake (which I've been lucky enough to visit!!) and it's a wonderful place. Shadow enjoys rolling around there.
Does this look like a happy boy!?
And look at him run!
Sometimes, he waits at the door-- watching the lake and looking for his family.
And Meng joins him. They know the family is out there kayaking!
And then Meng, Nico and Shadow go for a walk. He'd rather kayak--
Look at those leashes tangled-- I am VERY familiar with this!
Wait, it looks like Shadow is on the dock! How did he get there? Is he waiting for something?
I think he is waiting on the dock, patiently, sadly-- for the kayak to come back to get him. Oh, how sad. Look at that face!
He's standing. I think he sees something!
Oh, joy! They came back for him!
Shadow loves to go on the kayak. He is king of the lake!
And he just vegs out while his family takes him for a ride.
And then he can go roll again on the grass. What a handsome boy!!

Life is good for Shadow!