Friday, May 22, 2009

Shadow at the Shore

Shadow loves to go to the shore!! His family has a house on a lake (which I've been lucky enough to visit!!) and it's a wonderful place. Shadow enjoys rolling around there.
Does this look like a happy boy!?
And look at him run!
Sometimes, he waits at the door-- watching the lake and looking for his family.
And Meng joins him. They know the family is out there kayaking!
And then Meng, Nico and Shadow go for a walk. He'd rather kayak--
Look at those leashes tangled-- I am VERY familiar with this!
Wait, it looks like Shadow is on the dock! How did he get there? Is he waiting for something?
I think he is waiting on the dock, patiently, sadly-- for the kayak to come back to get him. Oh, how sad. Look at that face!
He's standing. I think he sees something!
Oh, joy! They came back for him!
Shadow loves to go on the kayak. He is king of the lake!
And he just vegs out while his family takes him for a ride.
And then he can go roll again on the grass. What a handsome boy!!

Life is good for Shadow!


lady jicky said...

Oh, I do think Shadow is a brave boy going out on the kayak. I do not think my Kenzo would be aboard to give him some company!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lady Jicky, what a brave boy Shadow is to venture out into the lake!