Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Message From the Dog Faces...

This is by Hal, the husband of Libby, who is an animal rescuer. He wrote this for her on Mother's Day. Of course, he was actually translating it from her rescue dogs/animals. What a heart he has! Of course, I had to have Pekingese pictures to go with it since I don't have pictures of her foster dogs. Libby has saved so many animals-- THANK YOU!

Here's what Hal wrote.... from the dogs of course!

I sat down the other day with the dog faces while you were with Mother Martha. This in sum and substance is what they said (Patsy did most of the talking).
Dog Momma, did you know you have the people skills of a salesperson. . . to be able convince those looking for perfection in a pet, that they will find it in us rescue dogs ....if they are willing to look a little deeper.

Dog Momma you have a heart of steel to be able to say no when there just isn't any more room for just one more of us dogs, and the understanding that you can't save us all.
Dog Momma, you have developed the fine art of asking for a discount . . so our vet bill can be kept under the size of the national debt.
Dog Momma, you have patience for people who don't care, won't help, and turn their backs and say us homeless dogs are not their problem.
Dog Momma, you have a place for us dogs that were incorrectly placed and have come to rescue with so much excess baggage that all but you think we will ever be adoptable.
Dog Momma, you have patience for a world that does not look at animals as a gift just short of a miracle.
Dog Momma, you have a sense of humor. . . because sometimes a smile on your face is the only way to hide the agony and turmoil we know is in your heart.
Dog Momma, we know you have willingly neglected personal pleasures . . . so you can devote your time to all us rescues.
Dog Momma, you have loved us so much we gladly will tolerate the stream of four legged orphans, waifs and street urchins that arrive soon after the phone rings and you say. . . "I have room."
Dog Momma, you have a husband and father-in-law that like being the "token" 2 legged dogs to help with most every dog that comes through the door.
Dog Momma, you have a magician's skills that can better any dog face that comes in the a one eyed ex-model with a taste for poo, a bug eyed lizard lover, a stowaway with one eye and purple stitches, a brown eyed otter with malfunctioning rear end, a hyper-active Hav-whosawhatzit, to blue/grey merle female in need of a wonder bra.
Dog Momma, you have the ability to face the paperwork at the office head-on and deal with it!. . .and still have "belly time" with the girls and" closet time" for Charlie (the otter.)
Dog Momma, you have grooming skills for us ugly ducklings waiting for our chance to be a swan, only with a lot help from you!
Most of all, Dog Momma, you have a heart of gold to accept us creatures that don't measure up as "perfect" in the eyes of the rest of the world and we will forever love you for it.

* *There were many amusing anecdotes and secret stories told of their lives, some from before, mostly happy sweet stories from after with you most wonderful, giving, tireless" Dog Momma"* *

Happy (dog face) Mothers Day!!


lady jicky said...

Libbys husband Hal must be a sensitive soul. Many parts made me cry.
Libby must be a wonderful person , how hard it must be at times.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be a dog momma <3