Sunday, May 10, 2009


All of us in rescue are moms-- whether to dogs or children, or both! We love them, no matter the age, no matter how much hair they have. :-)

And all that Peke hair needs grooming. I had a grooming table (the gift from a friend), but it didn't have the bar on it with the Peke holder (I'm not a professional, so I don't know what it's called). But, my Pekes-- the three girls and the three boys-- gave me one for Mother's Day. Here's Scooter modeling it for me. We used it earlier in the day.

Isn't he handsome!!
Some of our "children" have a LOT of hair!!
And some, like Melanie's Ferbie, have wet hair!
Melanie is a Peke Mom-- one of the best!
And there is my Peke foster mentor (for over six years now!), Gloria. She has such a love for Pekingese and is willing to share her knowledge and love with the rest of us.
Louise Harden is the founder of our club-- she's rescued hundreds of Pekingese. She is known nationwide for her champion Pekes also. Lynn is with her (in the pink). She is retired from rescue now, but was one of our wonderful foster homes.
HOWEVER, I have to say my favorite mother is my daughter! Here she is with my precious granddaughters. We call them Lil Bit and Bitty Bit. My daughter (is she Big Bit, at 5 feet tall??) is the most wonderful mother I know. Her children have the life many children would love. They live on a farm, have chickens, a cat, four dogs (two are Pekingese), three horses and a pony. They have a large garden, she cans food from her garden, makes jelly from the fruit tree. She knows it's more important to do projects with her kids than keep an immaculate house (although her house is just fine). She takes them to parks, to the mountains, to the beach.... These kids experience many wonderful things. She and her husband read to them every night and one of Lil Bit's "most fun things" is doing math on the bathroom wall with bathtub chalk every night. She's almost 6 and thinks math is fun-- all because of her parents. (Meghann's husband is the BEST Dad I know-- but this is Mother's Day ;-). )
Here they are in front of a waterfall, just enjoying the day.
Bitty Bit is not afraid at all to take BIG STEPS. She thought she could do this all by herself, but for the sake of dry clothes, my daughter helped her.

YOU ARE MY MOTHER'S DAY MOM OF THE YEAR!!! I'm so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

The reason your daughter is an excellent mother is because she had you as a mommy. Thank you Linda for being my mom away from home.
I love your Mother's Day gift, what thoughtful furry children you have :)
Have a Lovely Mother's Day...

Anonymous said...

The Loneliness of Dogs

About spelling the human masters
were never wrong, making me wonder
at what age did their cleverness reveal
that god spelled backwards was dog?
Later in their lives, a larger orthography
came to define them in their own letters:
somewhere between animal and angel.

But for me it's always been a dog's life.
And if a deity ever entered my shaggy
existence, it was only the unlettered moon
to whom I howled all those nights
when a restless emptiness slipped
over my fur like a black glove,

and I became the hand that fed me.

Copyright © 2009 Tim Mayo

lady jicky said...

Happy Mothers Day to you all.
That was lovely Berlin.

Linda , what a lovely family you have and I think that grooming table is wonderful.

I had a lovely day with my daughter and grandson . Ate too much but that is the way it goes! LOL

Willy and Suzy's mom said...

That Ferbie Samet is so darn cute! He looks like he's got spikey gel in his "fur-do" and he's being very trendy! What a smile that guy has - a real heartbreaker!!

melanie Samet said...

That was so sweet. I loved your tribute to mother day!
And of course the awesome photos!