Tuesday, May 5, 2009



I received this email and photo from Cosmo's parents.

"I can't believe we have had Cosmo for six years either. If our calculations are correct, Cosmo would be about nine years old -- that would explain his moving much slower lately..............

We think our boyz are beautiful - but we are their parents are are obviously biased!!"
Cosmo was my first foster dog with PVPC. That was six years ago!! It's hard to think I've been doing this for so long! (I know it's not long for others who have been fostering for so much longer.) The first foster dog was so hard to let go of. I met his new family and their dog Winston, and knew they would be wonderful-- but I cried most of the way home! He is so greatly loved though-- and that is what I love to see.


Anna said...

Cosmo looks like a very distinguished and elegant gentleman! What a wonderful life he has gone on to enjoy. I think that 9 in dog years would put him in his early 60's in human years --and didn't I read that 60 is the new 30??? He's got a lot of life ahead of him to enjoy! :-)

lady jicky said...

Cosmo is a gem. Nine years old is still young - My Lulu got to 17 years !
May Cosmo live a long and happy life , even if its a touch slower.