Monday, May 18, 2009

Chance and Recovery

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Chance came to me from a shelter in S.E. Virginia in April. He was so thin, couldn't hear and didn't see well. Here he is with my granddaughter when he first came. She's my little rescue helper when she visits.
You could tell he didn't feel well. He wouldn't eat. One morning, I put six bowls in front of him, all different, all yummy! One was chicken that I cooked him. There were canned dog foods and dry foods. He wouldn't eat.
We realized he just didn't feel well, and also had ear surgery done. He had a small benign growth removed, but the vet couldn't see any reason for him not hearing-- other than long term neglect of ear infections. But, he still had his ear drums in tact.
He had to wear the blue collar to keep him from being able to get to his ears. Isn't it attractive! (They only have blue, so even girls have to wear blue!)
He began to feel better! The vet gave him a shot to encourage his eating, and it sure did the trick! I grind up his dry food in the blender, mix it with some wet food and he loves it. He also saw the opthalmologist, who said he had long term dry eye. Hyper-pigmentation covered his eyes, but with a combination of drops, some of this pigment will go away over time and he will see better. He sees well enough to follow me all over, which he loves to do! He likes to do it VERY CLOSE-- so I have to be careful he's not one step ahead of me. I don't want to trip on him or onto the floor!!

Look at this happy face! He's doing better!
The vet said that if we removed some of the large folds he had, there were be less opportunity for those little hairs to cause further irritation to his eyes. And you know us in rescue, we do what we can to help them.
A friend told me, "He reminds me of the big eyed puppy prints that were so popular in the 70's. What a sweety. " His facial hair will grow back and he'll look just fine.
He is so sweet!
And soon, he'll have his e-collar off and be able to get around without knocking into everything. And, then he'll be ready for his new home.
Who could resist a face like this!


Anonymous said...

OMG, he's so handsome isn't he? I'll have to meet him before I leave :)

Linda said...

Come on over!!

lady jicky said...

What a brave fellow Chance is!