Monday, May 25, 2009


I thought it would be nice to go sit on my bed and read and just take a break. You know-- no interruptions, no dogs, no noise..... I'm dreaming! Cranberry followed me upstairs and said, "Can I get on the bed with you?"
So, I put her on the bed.
And she began talking-- "There are other dogs up here-- do they have to get on the bed?!"
And then Maggie came up. She was just fine in her own area. We have a king-sized bed and so there is plenty of room.
And she looks like she's going to fall asleep quickly.
And then Scooter asked to get on the bed and there they were, together. But, they suspect someone ELSE wants on the bed!
Scooter moves around, trying to get situated. There's room for one more.
Okay, he's ready.
Now Chance is up on the bed-- he still had his e-collar on that day. He decided to join Maggie and Scooter on one end and give Cranberry the WHOLE other side of the bed. Cranberry can be a little testy, so they give her all the space she needs.
And Maggie is checking to make sure Cranberry is still on the other side.
All is safe, so Scooter lays down.
And Cranberry is very happy is HER area.
And now can we all rest and take a break?


Pekiegirl said...

I love Maggie!! She has the cutest face! But where is Max? Why isn't he up there with the rest of your pekes? And what about Starlight? Pekes go in herds, don't they?

Linda said...

Max and Starlight were downstairs-- he was probably on his ottoman looking out the window and she has a favorite bed. She comes up sometimes, and Max comes up to sleep, but that's it. He always has a toy, and often it is STARLIGHT'S toy which really ticks her off haha.

lady jicky said...

I do think your Cranberry would have been "best girlfriends" with my Lulu.Cranberry likes her space and so did Lulu. I could see them making dumplings and gossiping.
I kind of think Cranberry could put my naughty Kenzo in his place too!
I am so glad you have a King size bed - there is alot of Pekes on that doona! LOL
great photos Linda!!

Karin said...

You can't get mad at those adorable little faces ~ one of ours won't go outside with the other two, so we always have to make a special effort to let him out about ten minutes later or whenever he decides he's ready to go potty:)

Anna said...

Pekiegirl read my mind! I was saying "Hey, wait a minute -- where are Starlight and Max??" I thought Starlight would not have wanted to miss a photo opportunity -- she is glamorous after all! ;-)