Saturday, May 31, 2014


Bubba came to us from Maryland-- his owner had posted a note on the board in a coffee shop.    She couldn't afford to take care of him anymore and wanted to find him a home.
 Bubba went to foster care near Richmond and found he had a new Peke sister named Dixie.
 Bubba is a beautiful boy-- this is a photomania shot I think.  
 Bubba and Dixie are resting-- or are they exercising?
 They get along so well.
 Bubba loves his toys there.
 I think this one is very special.
Bubba shares a secret with Dixie-- I'm staying!!!    His foster mom and dad decided they didn't want him to go anywhere else, so he gets to stay there forever!    HOORAY!

Friday, May 30, 2014


 I don't like writing this blog, but I do it as a warning.   Snakes are coming out of their winter places and it's important to be on the look out for them.
 Last year, Leslie and Doug's precious Lulu Belle was bit by a snake as it crossed a path that they walked a lot.    They rushed Lulu to the emergency room and the vet was unable to save her (it's a long story, I won't go into it here, but it was awful).
 Mike, Jojo and Annabelle's dad, said they found this one crawling up their front steps.    I've had snakes try to come onto my screened porch in Florida when I lived there.   They can climb and go places we don't expect.
 Lulu was only 3 when she lost her life to a copperhead bite and I don't want another one to lose their life like she did.    Her mom said it was okay to post this blog-- she is still hurting from the loss of her little girl, but hopes this post will save at least one life.
Lulu will always be in their hearts-- but the pain is there, too.    I hope this blog will help us to be more watchful of these snakes that can injure our pets (and us!).    

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Biscuit came from a shelter near me.   The owner had Alzheimer's and forgot she had him, so he was in pretty rough shape.    The family stepped in to help the owner and turned Biscuit into the shelter because none of them could keep him.   Best day of his life!
Biscuit was matted, with "poop dread locks" hanging from his ears-- at least 6 inches long.   (You can see them some in the first picture.)   His back end was so bad, I had to let the vet trim him and clean him up because I couldn't tell where his tail was.
He was cleaned, and put on a food plan, getting fed three times a day.  At ten pounds, he was seriously underweight.    He had to have eye surgery and be neutered also.   He wasn't in rescue long though-- someone fell in love with him at the picnic.  
Biscuit came to the picnic with me and he was doing so well.   He was perfect there!
He had an "adopt me" bandana on.  
He was a little confused by it all, but such a gentleman.
He had his e-collar on after his eye surgery, but then it came off!!  We had him groomed at my vet because there were still mats around his neck that we needed help with.    I can do a lot, but I'm not good at any kind of shaving.  
Here he is after!
Look at those eyes-- he's beautiful and he's in his new home!   HOORAY for Biscuit!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I bet your  moms, Leslie, Pati and  thought I forgot you.  Nope-- couldn't do that!    Thea, one of our five puppies born last summer, came to the picnic.  This is Cici, mama to the Peke puppies.
All her siblings and mom and dad came except for Bandit.   He missed being there, but hopefully next year he can come.
Harley posed with a treat in his mouth, but it sure looks like a cigar!
You're laughing at me aren't you.
Thea lives in Massachusetts and came all the way down with her brother Thurston, also known as Thursty (love that!).
Did you have fun?
 Gimmie was there, too.   He is brother to Jazzy, who was one of the puppies.
 Gimmie was very relaxed in his mom, Leslie's, arms.
 Hadley was having so much fun.
 He was busy watching all the dogs at the picnic.
 Jazzy was on her bench observing.
She felt safe in her mom's arms.    
 Harley, the daddy, was glad to see his kids.
 Cici thought they all looked wonderful.
 Then, after the picnic, there was a party at Leslie's for all the Peke family to visit with each other, so the fun continued!
Oh, they were so happy.
Thurston didn't have to continue to be the sheriff, he could just be a Peke having fun!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Teddy, Beth and David's Peke, came to our house with his dad.  
They were bringing water bottles for us to take to the picnic.
He sure loves to ride in the car and so he was able to come along.
Can I pet you?
Okay, I guess not!   I see your eyes getting bigger.
Some Pekes are okay with just a few people-- my Starlight is one of those.
Okay, I won't cross the line to pet you.
Wait, you're crossing the line.
You fooled me!   You just wanted to bark at me.
You are so cute---
But, you were ready to get back in the car and go home.
Enough socializing!
I'm glad you came to visit, even though I could pet you.   That's okay-- you're just have a Peke-a-tude.   I'm used to that!    Click here: Teddy - YouTube