Monday, May 5, 2014


Sometimes, we are asked to help a dog... 
 Fitz was one of those dogs.   She is beautiful!   She was adopted from a shelter near me.
 In her previous home, though, she was crated so much, and she was  so stressed, she actually chewed her tail almost off-- so it was amputated at the shelter.  
 Look at her happy face!    She was adopted and has been with her new owner about a year, but Fitz has issues from her past life.  
 She is a small one at about 13 pounds, and I met her mom at my vet to evaluate her.
 Her mom loves her and wants the best for her.    In talking to her and evaluating Fitz' issues, I did not feel that rescue would be the best place for her.   Sometimes, rescue is not the answer, but we are willing to give advice, support and help if we can.    Her mom is doing all she can for her.   Fitz will be on some anti-anxiety meds and some pain meds in case she is having phantom pain from the tail amputation.  
 I spent an hour and a half with the owner and Fitz and my vet to see what could be done to help Fitz overcome her stress issues from her past.  
 She has not been able to overcome wherever happened to her, but I sure hope the meds will help her.
 I hope she can learn to relax and trust.     I hate to see dogs who have so much trauma in their past.
Our rescue is there to help, even if we can't take the dog into our rescue.    I love our rescue.    Fitz, we here to support you-- get well little one.

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lady jicky said...

My Coco is very timid and anxious . Always has been since we adopted her years ago now.
***Fitz's Mum ---- Coco will never be confident like my other dog Moi Moi but ..... she is much better!!!
Coco loves routine and if she was really bad I would give her anxiety medicine etc so - please don't feel bad if you have to do this to Fitz!!!
I would also ask health food shops if they have any sort of calming medicine or herbs for animals too - (tell the Vet as sometimes they may upset other medicines )Why not - give it a go!
I know you love your girl and like me - we try to make them happy and better but sometimes we can only make a dent in their health and you know what - that's still going up that ladder!
May Fitz continue to get confident and feel better even if it might take some time - up the ladder we go Fitz and Coco :) .