Friday, May 23, 2014


 We had a photo shoot at the picnic to raise money.   It was new this year, but we hope it does even better next year.   Look at sweet Sammy in his cowboy hat!    He was one of my foster dogs and so precious.
His sister, Sybil, was all set for the big west!
 Abner, Brody and Lily were ready to take on the bad guys. Oh, my, Abner, you are so cute.   (He was my foster, so I'm very partial.)
 Buffalo-Buffy-- was all set with his hat and bandana.
 Gizzy was trying hard to look like the tough guy.
 Chester is so cute!    You wouldn't know he is blind-- that's how he came into rescue.
 He lives near me and he and his sister, Abigail, came to the picnic and had to have their pictures taken.
 Here's Gizzy again-- nope, you still don't look scary.
Not here, either!
Roger and Tiffany were our picture takers and Roger was showing some to Buffy's family.    I love new ideas for our picnic!   We had so much fun!


lady jicky said...

Buffy was the stand-out Cowboy for sure!!! LOL

Unknown said...

They are all so cute, especialy the fearsome threesome! I am biased towards Deputy Buffy, though. <3

Unknown said...

The pics. were so sweet. Love the cowboy theme being from Texas. I have to agree that Buffy made an excellent cowboy. Kinda like the "bad boy cowboy". lol