Thursday, May 29, 2014


Biscuit came from a shelter near me.   The owner had Alzheimer's and forgot she had him, so he was in pretty rough shape.    The family stepped in to help the owner and turned Biscuit into the shelter because none of them could keep him.   Best day of his life!
Biscuit was matted, with "poop dread locks" hanging from his ears-- at least 6 inches long.   (You can see them some in the first picture.)   His back end was so bad, I had to let the vet trim him and clean him up because I couldn't tell where his tail was.
He was cleaned, and put on a food plan, getting fed three times a day.  At ten pounds, he was seriously underweight.    He had to have eye surgery and be neutered also.   He wasn't in rescue long though-- someone fell in love with him at the picnic.  
Biscuit came to the picnic with me and he was doing so well.   He was perfect there!
He had an "adopt me" bandana on.  
He was a little confused by it all, but such a gentleman.
He had his e-collar on after his eye surgery, but then it came off!!  We had him groomed at my vet because there were still mats around his neck that we needed help with.    I can do a lot, but I'm not good at any kind of shaving.  
Here he is after!
Look at those eyes-- he's beautiful and he's in his new home!   HOORAY for Biscuit!!


lady jicky said...

Wonderful news Linda!!!

He is the colour you try to bake a shortbread biscuit at!!!
You know .... that sort of beige just baked colour ALL good shortbread biscuits should be!!!
See.... his is a BISCUIT!

* In Australia we call "cookies" biscuits :)

Martha Lambert said...

Hooray for Biscuit. He is beautiful and deserves a beautiful life.