Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Four years ago,  Andy came into rescue.    He became Murphy later.  Here's a blog I did on him then.     Click here: Must Love Pekes: ANDY-- SHELTER DOG   He had a flea allergy and his skin was raw and his hair was gone.   (He's with my Scooterbug here.)
You could tell he wasn't comfortable, but he was still the sweetest boy.
Don't let his sad face fool you-- he was a loving boy who just needed help, meds, and a loving home.    He got that!
He has doggy friends in his new home.    When he was adopted, four years ago, his new mom and dad knew he had a skin issue, but they were so taken with his personality that they wanted him in their family.
He could be silly.
You could see here that his  skin wasn't as red and his hair was growing back.
He came to the picnic this year-- I didn't recognize him!    He was stunning.   He is a big boy, over 25 pounds, and  he had a gorgeous coat on him!    Did you see him at the picnic?    
Just compare this to the first picture.   Can you believe the difference.
 His hair is thick and lush.
 Nick and Murphy curl up together-- I think Murphy has a pillow there!
 They both like curling up with mom.
 Murphy, Nick and Sydney are taking up the couch-- this happens at my house, too.   No room for people!
 These two are obviously good friend.    Nick is about 13 now and Sydney is 11 now.
 I want families as wonderful as Murphy's  for all our Pekes!    He's a beautiful boy,  inside and out!   (More picnic pictures tomorrow.)


lady jicky said...

Linda , when I groom my girls I tell them they are "show peke's"

Please tell Murphy he is "Show Peke " quality !!!

This is what ALL Pekingese should be !
He is delightful!

lady jicky said...

Oh Murphy you had such sore skin but look at you now! A big beautiful boy!!
What a wonder everyone did for you Big Boy!!

mafia4jnl said...

It's amazing what care and love can do for any living thing! He looks soooo muc better and HAPPY TO! Very thankful for how well he is doing!
Thank you Foster Family!