Thursday, May 1, 2014


 Today is May 1-- May Day!    I really don't know about May Day except for doing a May Pole dance in elementary school.    Do Pekingese do May Day dances?   Daisy Mae, above, might do one.  
 Gaby Baby (Gabriel, one of our adopted dogs who now lives in South Dakota!) is waiting for spring.  His mom keeps posting cold pictures on her facebook-- what do you think of that cold Gaby?
 Mr. Winks and Lacy are going to just sleep through the day.
 I think that is a fabulous idea!
 Pudge, who was recently adopted from us, just thinks being held is a good idea.    He is so cute!
 Elwood is in his new home near Richmond...
 He sure loves his new daddy!   And his new doggy brother!
 Chloe still looks like she is celebrating Easter, but I'm sure she is rejoicing that spring weather may come-- we keep waiting for it.
And Tyler-- sweet boy!    I just love this dog.  He was adopted from us years ago, now lives in California and  his mom is now a Peke and small dog rescuer there.   WOW-- he started his mom  on something good.    I admire all she does there!    Tyler was one of those foster dogs that always stole my heart with his sweet face.    I'm sure he is wishing all of us a Happy May Day!!  

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lady jicky said...

Happy May Day to you all.

I believe in France they give and display Lilly of the Valley flowers for this day.