Sunday, May 4, 2014


 Annd was adopted from us almost 2 years ago.   Her mom was in my area and wanted me to see how well Annie was doing.      I was in our neighborhood park and told her to come on over.  
 My neighborhood had a "Pancakes in the Park' yesterday.  (We hope it becomes an annual spring event.)   A lot of us got together for pancakes, coffee, strawberries, hot chocolate.... and friendship.  Beach Bit was enjoying his breakfast there.
 A lot of kids were there, some dogs were there and lots of people.    
 Annie showed up and was looking to the right to see what was going on.  
 She looked to the left--- was there a place she could sit and have some breakfast?
 Annie is a traitor-- I saved her from an animal control near me, but she wouldn't have anything to do with me. :-)    She is definitely a mama's girl.  
  She is adorable and small-- and she has no tail.    Her little "stubby" did wag a lot when she saw Maddie, my daughter's 5 month old puppy.  (Maddie is the one that was found in a ditch off the interstate at 10 weeks old-- she is almost 50 pounds now.)
 Maddie and Annie liked each other right away.
But, she was ready to go home with her  mom-- she is definitely a one-woman dog.   Loved seeing you Annie!!


lady jicky said...

As soon as you said Annie had that stubby tail - I remembered her from the blog !
Oh I am so glad she is in a wonderful home for if she is a one Mother girl - she is super happy!
Don't feel too bad Linda :) I bet she remembered you.

Oh my - that Beach Bit is getting bigger!!!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I second just about everything Lady Jicky said!! I didn't remember Annie until you wrote about her stubby tail and I also thought how BIG Beach Bit is getting!! :)