Thursday, August 31, 2017


 Never tell your facebook friends you don't want to see sad faces-- I did not want to see "horrific" pictures on facebook.  You know the ones you can't get out of your mind.   So, my friends (and my daughters) posted lots of pics to give me a hard time.  Camden-- sad face-- and Brandy-- happy face!!
 Winnie is with a rescue friend in California.  As rescuers, we see a lot of the "sad" and we keep going.  We know we do all we can to help.   And hopefully, after the sad times, we see a dog blossom into a wonderful happy dog!
 Another one of her dogs is looking sad-- but I think it's a sleepy look lol.
 Britney sent me two pictures of her "sad" dogs-- uh huh.
 You can't fool me-- I think they are pulling her chain.
 Yodi, I know good and well what a happy home you are in.  No fooling me!
 Okay, maybe this dog is sad for being made to get out of the hamster cage hahaha.
 Gigi was happy she found the treat container at the feed store-- HAPPY!
 Pi was in a 'too small' bed, but she is still happy-- she is always happy.   She is at least 15 now-- and the best dog ever.   Even though she is not a Pekingese, she is my granddog and  she has part of my heart.  She is just content with whatever life brings her.
 Granger hopes for more puddles he can get into.   The rains brought a lot of them to his yard and he was thrilled.
Sophie would not dream of walking in a puddle, let alone being thrilled about it.  She is a princess for sure, like Starlight, who would rather just sit and let me carry her instead of walking.   So sad faces-- maybe,  Sad dogs-- not a chance!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


 I posted on facebook yesterday asking people not to post "sad dog pictures" because I got tired of seeing pictures of dogs that I could not help.   Of course, I have two daughters that love to harass me and they took my post and ran with it.    The first post was of my daughter's chocolate lab, Callie-- with her sad face.  lol
 One was not enough-- she posted another.
 Then, another friend posted "sad Buffy" because she had to get out of bed.  I'm with you, Buffy-- let me sleep!
 And here is Ollie (one of my foster dogs from years ago), " He is sad because he can not sleep on his bed because he messed it up so he is half on bed and half on floor!!!"
 My daughter was not to be upstaged.  So, she posted a picture of a sad Emu-- well, it could be sad.  We really don't know.
 Another friend (who had the audacity to move to South Dakota, meaning I lost a great foster home) and she posted a picture of her pig, Paisley.  SAD FACE-- NOT!
 A fellow rescuer posted Bella-- "She's sad because I stuck a Thundershirt on her because she is afraid of storms and I didn't give her very many treats when I did so."
 She also posted Tiny, " he's sad because he wants to climb on my lap but he kinda doesn't fit. So he lies on my feet or the floor and drools on my knee instead."
 My daughter who lives across the street posted Sad Callie-- she is sad because she wants to eat and eat and eat.  My daughter had her fully checked out, even did a thyroid test.  Callie is just a slug and loves to eat, so she is now fat.   (It's also part of the breed to be very lazy!!  Treeing Walker Hound)
 Callie has the saddest faces.   She just has that type of face.
 Starlight can have beautiful, sad faces-- she's just Starlight.
 And Lily (I did a blog on her last week hoping to help find her a home).    She is so happy because she is in her forever home and has a best friend to play with now!
And Bridgett is just happy.   She is 14, a perfect little girl who is waiting for her forever home.   So, don't post things on facebook that your children can take and harass you with.  It's never-ending (and I love their sense of humor!).   So, sad faces may be on this blog, but those are all HAPPY DOGS!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


 A wonderful person donated this scarves to us.
 They do not have to be tied-- each has a little clasp on it (like a collar).
 She met one of our foster moms and when she heard of our rescue, she donated these to us.
 They are all so cute!
 Bella modeled one with a bow on it.   It looks so cute on her.
 I put this one on her, and I think it might just have to go with her when she is adopted (no home yet).
 It's a perfect size for her!  What do you think?
 Max was a good sport about me putting one on him.
 Chumley modeled-- and his special toy was close by!
 My boy, Kai Kai, looks good in this one-- it goes well with his color.   It has tiny lobsters on it.
 This one looks great, too!
Starlight let me put this one over her.  She is so girly that she looks good in any of them.   We will probably be selling these at an auction or at the picnic next spring.  
 Before Mattie and Benjamin left (has it been a week already!?) the box of scarves arrived so they were each able to have one.
 I found two that matched, but a blue one for Benjamin...and a pink-red for Mattie.  They looked so cute in them!
Some are good for very small Pekes and some are great for the bigger ones.  They are all wonderfully made and I'm so grateful for the donation.   To see these, go to:  Click here: Pet Fashion – Chloe and Max  She also has a facebook page.  Thank you to Chloe and Max for their generosity!

Monday, August 28, 2017


 Pearl and Jules came into rescue in November of 2011.  They were sisters and has been rescued from a "not so good" situation.  They were timid and scared.
 Jules above, and her sister, Pearl were 4 years old at the time.  They had had puppies at least once.
 They were afraid of people but soon realized they could be safe.  They became playful and sweet.
 Pearl has a condition called Wry mouth-- she was born with this.  Don't worry-- it does not get in her way.    That's why her tongue hangs out.
 They were adopted and now live a wonderful life in Maryland.   They love to be outside, watching their yard to make sure intruders don't show up-- birds can be tough!!
 Pearl and Jules are about ten years old now-- hard to believe.  
 I love seeing updated pictures on them-- and staying connected to the lives they have after adoption.
Jules and Pearl are great loved, joyful, sweet dogs.  It's what we hope for each one!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


 Simon and Bella have been with me two weeks-- wow.  They are very sweet and I'm evaluating to see if they need to remain together.  It's hard to do when they've both had surgery-- but they are doing great.
 They both have had surgeries-- Simon was neutered.  Bella was spayed and had her eye removed.  She is schedule for a dental next week.  (All could not be done at the same time-- just too much surgery at one time.)
 She was doing fine with her eye surgery.  It was healing well and she didn't seem to need an e-collar.  But, this morning, even though I have never seen her rub her eye, I noticed one of her stitches had pulled a little.  So, on again with the dreaded collar. :-(
 The e-collars can make it difficult to drink water from a regular bowl.   So, I use pasta bowls and they are low and wide and work great!
Little Bella and Sweet Simon are healing well.  They want to say HAPPY SUNDAY!