Monday, August 7, 2017


 You all know that Granger moved from the Farm to a new home (closer to me!).
 He helped pack boxes and then...
 He drove to his new home.  Pekes are so talented.
 He likes to hide in places, but in his new home, he was ready to explore.
 His kids tried to control him, but he had other ideas.
 He found that he loves the cool fireplace landing.
 He can use the kitchen table for meals...
 but he would rather eat in the cool area he has claimed as his own.
 He tried to go to camp with one of his Bits.
 He hid in her back pack.
 He was almost invisible.
 They found him, so he had to stay at home.
 He watched for her from the table-- or was it the deer who kept showing up in his yard that had his attention.
 When he relaxes, he RELAXES!
 They put a phone on his head-- he didn't move.   They added the remote-- still no moving.
They added a glass on top-- but nothing!   The move must have exhausted him more than they thought.   That's okay.  He will be there awhile and I'm thrilled-- it's only an hour away instead of three hours, so I can see Granger (and three of the Bits!!) more!!


LadyJicky said...

Oh I am just so jealous of Granger ..... I wish I could sleep like that!!!

Lost Earring said...

Granger is another one of those Pekes who wins your heart just by existing. No tricks, just his daily adventures keeps me coming back to see what Granger Danger is up to these days. The hiding in the back pack was hilarious.