Thursday, August 10, 2017


 Sleeping is what Pekes like to do around here.  Kai Kai and Floyd were curled up together as I painted kitchen cabinets and trim.
 I have white cabinets and with Bits and Pekes, I have to repaint them every 3 years or so.   I just did this two years ago!  Some of the cabinets were okay, but some were crying for paint.  With Pekes running by and Bits riding scooters, tricycles and playing, my cabinets can be "injured,"  haha
 I put up standing gates so the Pekes could not help me.
 "Let me in!" said Benjamin.   I had to give them lots of pets and they rolled over for belly rubs.
 Mattie was bored, so she dug a hole in the yard.  (I'm always out there with them, so don't worry.)
 The dogs did not understand all the papers on the floor, open cabinet doors and a total mess!
 "Is it safe?"
 Mattie and Benjamin lay down on some of the papers-- maybe that would stop me!  Nope!
 Floyd just watched-- until he decided to help and lost his balance, falling into the paint tray.  I thought he was asleep!   The paint I used was for cabinets and doors, so it is more durable, thicker... and I had to get Floyd bathed FAST!  Either that, or he would have been getting a serious hair cut.
 I made progress.
 The doors in the kitchen area were repainted, too.
 Kai Kai just hung out.
 Chumley did NOT understand why I could throw his toy over and over and over....BORING!
 Starlight stayed in the other room.
 Then one dog went to watch out the door...Floyd called for more.
 And Mattie showed up.
Then Chumley came.  Pretty soon, most of them were there.  They were probably saying, "ENOUGH PAINTING, MOM!"   I'm done for the time being.  I also painted one of the bathrooms.  The Pekes have had enough paint and so have I!!

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LadyJicky said...

You are doing a excellent job Linda ..... come over here and paint my house too! LOL