Wednesday, August 9, 2017


 Max and his sister, Maggie, were found in a field in October of 2008.   They were both about 5 years old.
 I love this picture of Max-- he was so glad to be out of the shelter.
 They were sweet together and look how young they are!
 They loved the yard and would get on the "Pekingese lounger."
 It took over 9 months to get Maggie healthy-- she had stubborn bladder problems, but once she was healthy, she was adopted.   Once she left, I decided Max was going to stay with us.  He was used to the rest of the dogs that were here and had been here almost a year.
 Max was good with the foster dogs who came and went.  He would get right in there to check them out.
 He used the Pekingese Pathway in the yard. :-)
 He is an old boy now. He turns 14 today!
 He is the healthiest of all my dogs and is a good boy, even though we call him Mr. Grumpy.
 It's hard to believe he has been here so long.
Happy Birthday, Max!!!


LadyJicky said...

Happy Birthday Max !!!

Kisses to you from your two girlfriends in Oz - Melinda and Coco !

* Coco does a Birthday " Woof " to you as well dear Max XXXXXX

Unknown said...

Happy birthday little Max😚