Tuesday, August 29, 2017


 A wonderful person donated this scarves to us.
 They do not have to be tied-- each has a little clasp on it (like a collar).
 She met one of our foster moms and when she heard of our rescue, she donated these to us.
 They are all so cute!
 Bella modeled one with a bow on it.   It looks so cute on her.
 I put this one on her, and I think it might just have to go with her when she is adopted (no home yet).
 It's a perfect size for her!  What do you think?
 Max was a good sport about me putting one on him.
 Chumley modeled-- and his special toy was close by!
 My boy, Kai Kai, looks good in this one-- it goes well with his color.   It has tiny lobsters on it.
 This one looks great, too!
Starlight let me put this one over her.  She is so girly that she looks good in any of them.   We will probably be selling these at an auction or at the picnic next spring.  
 Before Mattie and Benjamin left (has it been a week already!?) the box of scarves arrived so they were each able to have one.
 I found two that matched, but a blue one for Benjamin...and a pink-red for Mattie.  They looked so cute in them!
Some are good for very small Pekes and some are great for the bigger ones.  They are all wonderfully made and I'm so grateful for the donation.   To see these, go to:  Click here: Pet Fashion – Chloe and Max  She also has a facebook page.  Thank you to Chloe and Max for their generosity!


LadyJicky said...

They are so great and Very stylish ..... what a lovely donation :)

Lost Earring said...

I love the fashion show today. And Bella is just so tiny and very fetching in her little dress with bows. The bestest of all however, was Kai-Kai, Chumley and Max getting into the act and modeling some of the bounty.

What a thoughtful and grand gift from a very talented fashion designer.