Tuesday, August 1, 2017


 Waddles was in a shelter in our area in 2016-- he had to be shaved down when we got him, not unusual for dogs we get.
 Mr. Waddles had hair loss, eye issues and not many teeth.
 He was not a big boy and he had a sweet personality.  He can't see or hear much, and he sleeps a lot (most seniors do).
 He loves to be out in the yard with his foster mom, Monica.  He can get a little zip in his step, but as Monica said, it's in his own wobbly, waddly way.    Monica loves this little man.
He eats well, keeps his own schedule and still gets all crazy after a bath. :-)  When you support us, some of the funds go to helping take care of these little ones, who through no fault of their own, have become homeless until we take them in to enjoy their final time with love and care.   We believe that "Rescue is not just a word, it's a promise."  And we promise to take care of them while they are with us.   We get to love them for however long they have and even though it's hard when we say good-bye, the love we receive is worth it all.   I know all of our forever foster parents feel the same.   We are so glad that Mr. Waddles found our rescue so he could live the life he has.

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LadyJicky said...

Lots of kisses to Mr Waddles ... I am so happy he found your rescue :)