Thursday, August 3, 2017


I was getting ready to do a blog, when I saw that today's blog will be Blog #4050.  WOW.  I did not realize I had done so many.  The first one was in November, 2008, almost 9 years ago.   That's a lot of Peke stories and information!  I have been in rescue for over 14 years now.  I don't know how many more are in front of me.  I'm slowing down some, but my heart is here.
A fellow rescuer shared something on their web site several years ago and I thought I would share it.
"Rescue isn't just helping the cute, fluffy "desirable" dogs. Rescue is helping those animals that the general public won't initially adopt because of appearance (the matted, stinky dogs brought to shelters after YEARS of neglect), health concerns, age, or behavior.
Responsible rescues step in to help these wayward souls to rehabilitate them so that the general public can see the beauty beneath.
Real rescues don't just help the occasional tough luck case and promote the animal as a fundraiser. Real rescues don't compromise medical care or lower adoption standards because of money. Real rescues know their limitations and do not take more animals than can be properly provided for. Real rescue is tough, but rewarding."  (Heartworm Project Rescue)
Foster homes share not only their homes, but their time, their family, their grandbits, their cars and washing machines (oh, we can do a lot of laundry).  We go to the vet and to specialists over and over.  We bathe, and groom, and care for wounds and help little spirits to heal.   We love them like our own, and then we hand them over to a loving home and they take part of our heart with them.   (If we did not let them go, we could not help the next one, though.)
In rescue, we see miracles.  We see lives restored,  security regained and hearts healed.   Rescue is an incredible thing to be part of.   What a bond we have with each dog, each other and the friends who stand beside us!  


LadyJicky said...

So true .... Real rescue is a lot of work and no holidays. Thank goodness there are people in this world that does this. :)

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