Wednesday, August 23, 2017


There was so much coverage on the eclipse that occurred Monday.  Kai Kai just did not care.   He could not see it anyway!
Like Kai Kai, Benjamin is blind (although we think he does have a little vision) and I don't think he was very concerned either.
But, Barack, my friend's dog, was all set!
Someone's chickens were prepared.
Freddie Leaf was all ready-- Bring it on!
We could not stare into the sun, but a photo that is looked at later is fine.  Amazing.
It made funny shadows/reflections on the ground.
Lil'Cali Gurl was READY!
Onslow said, "Where is it?"
Granger Danger had his sunglasses on, but he really had no intention of interrupting his nap to go outside.
Starlight said, "What eclipse?   I'm a princess and I cannot be bothered by mundane things!"  That's Starlight!


LadyJicky said...

Yes .... it was on our TV here about your eclipse in the USA .

Oh that Starlight .... So beautiful that She eclipse's Everyone!!!!!

Lost Earring said...

Love (as usual) today's blog. I know there were people who poo-pooed the idea that dogs would look at the sun but my own opinion is better safe than sorry since I have Mercer Mason The VIII who checks the sky constantly for helicopters or planes following the landing path right over our house to a small country airport about a mile away. Both Mercer Meyer and my Queen Willow challenge birds that dare to fly over their fenced yard so again better safe than sorry when it comes to precious eyes and eyesight.

Loved the photos of all the Pekes and other breeds who were outfitted with glasses.