Tuesday, August 15, 2017


 Dewey was in a shelter near Tiffany and Mike.
 He was not doing well there at all.  He had been an owner turn in, and he was scared, so his chances of adoption were slim to none.   Tiffany brought him home.  He fit right in.
 He was 13 years old and loved the car ride to freedom-- that was May 5 and he knew life was beginning again.
 Dewey must have been walked with just a collar and leash-- no harness-- because he had a severely collapsed trachea.  Please Please, walk your small dogs with a harness.  Their neck/trachea can be critically damaged from the pull of the collar on their neck.
 Dewey found the joy of just sitting in a chair on the porch.  He was grumpy in the shelter, but at Tiffany's, he was just a happy, relaxed boy.  Shelters are tough on dogs, especially little dogs.
 Tiffany wrote, "We got Dewey only 3 months ago. 3 months was not enough time with this sweet little boy. He quickly and easily won a space in my heart. I was not prepared for him passing away so soon. I didn't get to take enough pictures him. There's so much more time I wanted to spend with him. 😞 I loved how tiny he was and how poofy his fur felt. He was the smallest dog in the house but he thought he was the largest and the one in charge. He loved squeaky toys and looking out the window on car rides. He loved being petted. He was such a tiny dog in our large Pack."
Dewey died on the way to the vet.   He had been trouble breathing, probably due to his trachea issue.  Even though his time with Tiffany and Mike was short, it was full of love.  Run free now, sweet one.

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LadyJicky said...

So sad and I do feel for Dewey's family .....what a cute , cute boy he was and he finally found love and kindness. My thoughts go out to Dewey's family.
Just love those big ears.