Friday, May 16, 2014


 Remember Pearl when she came into rescue in the fall of 2013?   She came in with her Yorkie brother.    Here is the blog I did on her when she joined rescue.    Click here: Must Love Pekes: PEARL AND ALFIE
 She was quite a mess then, as she hadn't been cared for at all.   Just look at her now!    
 She rivals Desi on the number of outfits she has!   How many closets are yours?
 Her mom Julia, fostered her and realized she couldn't let her go.  
 Pearl was renamed Luna Lovegood after the Harry Pottery character.
 She is so loved now-- it's amazing how they can  be transformed once they are in rescue and given care, love, good food and lots of attention.
 Luna was on the local news as the best dressed dog at the Dog Park.
 Oh my, this is so cute!
 I found out that Desi is a little jealous of all the outfits that Luna has!  
 Don't worry, Desi, I bet she will loan you some.
 So beautiful.
 You may be small, but you are BIG in personality!
 I see you go to a lot of places with your mom.
 I'm sure you were dazzling everyone there.
 You could show all the other dogs how to act when they are dressed up.
 Oh, yes you could!
 Her mom, Julia, just loves this girl.  
I wonder if we could get Desi and Luna to pose together.  Now that would make a blog!!


Sjoggie Shannon said...

I have yet to meet Miss Luna, but I know her mom Julia and she is the best! Luna hit the lottery the day Julia took her home!

lady jicky said...

Oh boy .... there is a lot of girls around there with BIG wardrobes! LOL