Sunday, May 25, 2014


 I have more pictures of sweet Abner-- the sheriff is in town!  
 He's with his deputy, Brody-- but Abner is more interested in seeing "what's up!"
 Brody, I love your tie and hat-- such a jaunty angle!
 Lily has her pink flower to give her pizzazz.
 You look stunning.
 Tommie was adopted from us several years ago-- at the picnic!    
He came in a stunning oriental coat-- wow!   I've never seen one of these.   He looked amazing.
 Arby is always a pleasure to see-- she was one of the Bristol 18.   For those who don't know of them, they were a group of 18 Pekingese we got from a back yard bust.  They came to us in horrific condition, and living in filth, it's amazing to see how beautiful they are now.
 Look at Arby run-- she loves the freedom and home she has now.  Her mom and dad, Peggy and Terry, are wonderful.   They help us with transport when we need it-- I love that.
 Arby  is happy and healthy...
 She never did this before she came into rescue-- running with abandon.    I love it!
 This is sweet Bingo.  He is one of our senior foster dogs.    He is being fostered in N.Va. and has such a wonderful foster mom, Maria.    She adores him and brought him to the picnic for us all to meet.
I love his face-- he reminds me of my Max.    So glad you came to safety in rescue.   The picnic was a great place to see and visit with our foster dogs and adopted dogs, and the rest of them, too.   We're already  coming up with ideas for next year's picnic!

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lady jicky said...

Oooo - Lily looks like one of those Bar Girls in the Saloon!!

Well, you have this cowboy thing going on Linda! LOL