Saturday, September 26, 2015


 Pumpkin came into rescue 2 years ago--she was surrendered to a shelter by her owners.   She was ten years old then (we were told), and had a lot of skin issues.  She was in dire need of a dental.
 Jeanne fostered her and had all her medical done and then she went to a wonderful foster home in NC.   She had all the food she could want-- she knew right where the refrigerator was.
 She celebrated holidays like Christmas and birthdays.
 She had a big doggy family and did so well.    I love this picture!
 She loved to be held on her mom's lap and enjoyed having the life of care and love.
She seemed to be doing well, but she had a sudden decline and passed away this morning.    She will be so missed by her moms who loved her so much.   I'm so glad she was able to have so much love her last two years.   Run free, now sweet girl.

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lady jicky said...

What a wonderful life Pumpkin had in those last 2 years .... she will be missed by everyone - doggie family included .