Thursday, June 6, 2013


 We just got two four-month old puppies.    Here they are!
 They are brothers.  
 And both very sweet.
 Who is this big dog who is coming to greet us?
 Did he go that way?
 Let me check.
 He did!!
 They are both coming to the Hampton Roads area to be fostered.  
 I hate to split them up-- but most people won't adopt two-- so we are putting them in two foster homes and we'll see how they do.
 They will see our vet on Saturday and start their puppy shots-- they haven't had any care yet.
 They felt grass for the first time---
 Life is starting for them.    A good life!  
 Do you feel the grass on your feet?  What is that?
 Look for more information on these two-- for now, WE NEED NAMES FOR THEM.   If you have suggestions, please post on the blog or the facebook where this is posted.  We have to decide before their appointment on Saturday.  I can't wait to see what you suggest!
Thank you to Essie, Susan and Kath for helping!!   You are the best-- these puppies now have a bright future!


lady jicky said...

Got to love a Peke puppy!

I am going the Chinese Food theme --

Sweet and Sour !!! LOL

Pekiegirl said...

Dozer and Findley!

Unknown said...

My dear Miyagi passed away this past fall and I would be honored if one was named after him :)

diane said...


How about Mikey and Paddy for names?

I would, seriously, adopt both of them!!!I wouldn't like separate the brothers and I think they would give Prissy something to play with and love!

Let me know if they are available!

Diane Downing