Sunday, April 3, 2011


Leo was one of our foster dogs-- a special need's Peke. He was born with an eye condition that caused hm to lose one eye and be blind int he other. He was only a year old when we had him in rescue-- and he was so sweet!!
Being blind never affected his cheerful and loving spirit. He was adopted and now has two buddies.
Leo is now Choku-- his name means Truth Body Illuminating the Darkness of Ignorance. WOW, that's a big name meaning for a little dog. :-) Bodhicitta (black and white one), and Jangchub (the black one) are his friends now. Aren't they cute!
Bodhicitta and Choku (Leo) are best friends. Bodhicitta is also blind (from birth) and you can tell that Choku really loves her-- look at him resting his head on her back.
I think Choku wanted to be in the middle of the group here! You can tell he loves his canine companions.
I think he loved the snow, too! Eventually, spring will come to New England and the rest of us. We love you, Choku!!


lady jicky said...

Linda , they are all delightful and what a wonderful family they belong to!!!!

emilyp said...

Oh, he looks so happy, what a wonderful Peke family they have:)

Nicky said...

Just beautiful! What a great story and great pics!! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Life* A Blog said...

Whoever said blind pups can't get around is horribly wrong. They can't see you with their eyes, but see you with their heart. I know my blind little old man does :)