Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is Starlight-- you all know Starlight. This bed was given to me and it looks like it was made for her! Perfect colors. But, this blog isn't about Starlight. It's about another dog......
A black, female Pit Bull. I know, I know-- this is a Peke blog, but this dog wanted to be saved and so she is "Peke for the Day."
I did not save her. My daughter did. She was on her way to my house to pick up Beach Bit. And she saw this dog almost get hit twice on a four lane road.
So, my daughter stopped. She rolled down her window, and said something to the dog. She did not expect what happened next!
This dog was so terrified and it heard a friendly voice and she JUMPED THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW RIGHT INTO THE CAR. SHOCKER! She put her head on my daughter's lap and was shaking.
She had no collar and no microchip-- but she was well cared for and very friendly. All she did was smile and wag her tail. We called the vet and asked if we could leave her there for the night and try to find her owner. Well, the owner was found, and this dog is safely home. (The owner has just bathed the dog, and so the collar was not on. When the owner left for work-- the afternoon shift-- she left a window partially open. The dog wanted to go to work with her, I guess, because she went through the open window. So, to all of you who leave your windows open as the weather turns warmer-- please open them FROM THE TOP. Most windows will do this and childrenand dogs are safe from falling or getting out through them.) I don't know the dog's name-- what would you name her?
Okay, here's Starlight again-- I opened the blog with a Peke and closed it with a Peke. :-) I want to keep you all smiling!


lady jicky said...

What a lovely story Linda and I thought your daughter was kind and BRAVE for those Pitbulls can be "something else"!!

I do not mind seeing dogs that are not pekes in your blog for if you love dogs you do not mind what sort they are :)

Hi Starlight - you look lovely in your matching bed.

Oh - what would I call Beach bit's part time pitbull --- LUCKY!!! lol

Nicky said...

Starlight! So lovely to see you!! Hopefully this is a recent photo and you are out of your playpen and roaming freely. :) ...But not as free as the Pit Bill. :> Very good advice on the windows. Can't be too careful with our precious babies.

RescuegirlinVA said...

I'm so thankful his owner found him. Thankfully you guys were kind enough to take him to the vet to find his owner. Glad it was a happy ending.

emilyp said...

oh that poor Pittie, she must have been so scared!! Your daughter definitely upped her Karma levels:) It is also great that she is safe and at home already!!

Starlight looks fantastic..is that a new pic?

Karin said...

What a story! Smart pit for not wasting any time jumping through the car window. I shudder to think how this could've ended up if your daughter hadn't been there.