Friday, July 18, 2014


 A few weeks ago, I took care of my dogs, my foster dogs and both my daughter's dogs.  We had a LOT of dogs here.   Koko was looking at me as if to say, "What were you thinking!?"   Kai Kai was just being Kai Kai.
 Pi, the Shepherd Lab mix and Maddie, the 60+ pound Chesapeake Bay Retrieve puppy, enjoyed each other a lot.
 Pi is 12 or 13, so she mostly jumped in place and every time she did, Maddie would take off.   Maddie got a lot of exercise.
 Lexie was still in the early stages of being here, so she preferred to just be with me.   She has not been up to running and playing- just content to hang out.
 Kai Kai, Koko, and Rammi were hanging out in the sunshine one morning while I had coffee.
 Leo joined us later, but he didn't get with the others.    I can only have so many in one group and he wasn't used to them, so he had his own yard time.
 Pi, Maddie and Kai Kai were just hanging out, too.   And Rammi was walking UNDER Maddie.   Did you notice him? :-)
 One of my previous foster's moms sent me pictures.   I'm sure if Magnolia was here, she would be asking if I was crazy.
 And so would Mimi!!    Her look cracks me up!    I am crazy, Mimi!
 Lottie, who my grandson just called "the old girl" was content to be held or just find a bed to sleep.  She is over 14 and not too active anymore.
All the dogs are home now (except mine and my fosters of course).   Maddie showing what she and Beach Bit can do to a room all on their own.  She even brought in a stick-- or a branch!     Yep, my house was going to the dogs for awhile, but I'm getting it back to normal.  And all those summer projects (painting...) haven't been done-- but they aren't going anywhere.   I think I'll just rest before I start them!   


lady jicky said...

That last photo .... Oh dear!!! LOL

Michael Roane said...

There must have been some furious terratorial marking going on!