Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 The snow began this afternoon.  
 There's no sitting on our porch!  No swinging in the swing.
 It's just beginning-- I know my friends in NY don't feel sorry for us.   (Abner's mom is probably getting so much more!)
 In  the Richmond and Charlottesville area, the dogs are getting bundled up for the cold weather.
 They aren't happy about it!   Bubba looks so dejected!
 Oh, the pathetic look!!    It will be okay, little man!
 Do you want to go outside?
 Starlight was not thrilled with this white stuff!
So she came in and found her spot under my desk (near the heating vent), and laid down, exhausted from the trauma of going out in the tiny bit of snow.    Today will have more-- what in the world will she do! :-)

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lady jicky said...

So far Linda we are having a cool summer .
I had the girls coat groomed again but ... its sort of cool !
Mind you .... I bet we will have along hot summer when it really gets around here.
I am not complaining .... we can be over 100f for a whole week!!!