Tuesday, February 12, 2019


 In April of 2011, I was asked to rescue this Peke.  His name was Akai--
 He became Kai Kai and you all know him.
 I fell in love with him right away-- but I do that with most of my foster dogs.  
 Kai Kai had adventures to the Farm, where my daughter lived.   He was enamored with the chickens!
 He would ride in the car seat if a child wasn't in it.
 He was so devoted to me-- and he had the sweetest nature.
 He loved all the dogs here.
 He had a silly side, too-- here with Starlight.
 Kai loved on Lexie when she was here.  She was my first IMHA dog.
 Kai Kai watched out for her. (2014)
 Kai Kai began to have eye issues (cataracts) in 2016.   He went to the Veterinary Ophthalmologist near us.
 He was one of the few who reacted to everything we tried and he lost all his sight.
 He had four eye surgeries.
 He ended up with glaucoma and stayed with the ophthalmologist every day for pressure checks, but... He ended up with glaucoma, retinal separation and then his eyes hemorrhaged.  
 We couldn't save his eyes.  
 He still loved us all and still put up with my antics-- like wearing an army helmet.
 In March of 2018, Kai Kai had a stroke.
 We weren't sure he would recover, but he did!   It just took time.
 He still has a little head tilt, but he is a happy boy.
 He plays hide and seek occasionally.   LOL
 He is still my beautiful boy.
 He loves Chumley.
 He "looked out" for Nala and BeeBee.
 He was there to comfort them when they needed it.
 He loves to be on the couch near me.
 He sometimes gets lost in the bushes, but he just waits, knowing I will rescue him.
I'm so glad no one adopted him, and I was able to keep him.  Kai Kai has my heart.  I just love this boy!  💙


LadyJicky said...

Big kisses to Kai Kai .... he is such a beautiful boy and very brave !

Carol Lee said...

What a sweetheart..hope you are blessed with him for a long time..

Lost Earring said...

I've been in love with Kai Kai even without knowing his back story and now I love him even more. His stroke was the beginning of my fascination with him and his love and caring for the Sisters made me love him even more.

Watching him persevere over his infirmativea is so heart warming and shows just how tough the Pekingese breed really is.