Monday, February 11, 2019


Maddie was in a shelter in the spring of 2008.  She was a court case hold, and she was there for awhile.
We were ready to take her as soon as she was available- and when we did, we realized she wasn't a Peke.   That's okay, she needed help.   ❤️
Amee fostered her and soon, Cindy and Jimmy adopted her.   What a life she had.  
She was dressed up in so many outfits, she was in parades, and she was totally loved.
She was a little one, but became great friends with Amee's group, and she visited often for play dates.
Maddie lacked for nothing-- she had beach days-- and a bikini.
She didn't mind all the outfits.
She knew she was loved and home.
Off to the beach again...
And her sunglasses protected her from the glare.
Her mom and dad absolutely adored her.  Maddie was diagnosed with cancer and there was nothing that could be done.  If love could have fixed her, she would have been perfect.  We wish we could fix everything and keep them with us.
Sweet Maddie, run and meet the ones waiting for you-- like Nala and BeeBee, and Starlight.  Run Free with them.  You were greatly loved.


Unknown said...

Rest easy now little one. Run free and play crossing over the rainbow bridge. No more pain, just happiness! You are so very precious little fur baby! God Bless!

LadyJicky said...

What a wonderful life you had Maddie and you can just see the love and fun you had with Cindy and Jimmy !
Love that photo of Maddie in the bikini on the beach. Oh , she will be so missed.

Lost Earring said...

Run free sweet Maddie. So glad you had such a great life with your adoptive family.