Friday, February 1, 2019


Ammo was turned into rescue last week.  He is ten years old and has been with his family his whole life.   He was a little unsure on the ride.
 He wasn't good with their small children, so they asked us to find him a home. 
 He is a beautiful boy who needs a home without children. 
 He likes men the most-- some just do.   He really likes his foster dad, Joe.
 He is being fostered with another Peke and does fine.   He is house trained and adjusting to being in a new place.   It just takes time but he's a nice boy. 
 Who could resist this face. :-)
 Yes, I'm talking about you, Ammo.   You're so cute!
 His curiosity is coming out as he checks out his new foster home.  He's beginning to explore and wander around. 
If you are interested in this beautiful boy, just fill out our application. 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda ..... if I was in the US .... Mr Ammo would be mine!

So...... Yum Yum and I are doing a hot in the heat Adoption Dance for cute Ammo !!

Lets hope it works real soon :)

Lost Earring said...

He is just precious. Love his little sweet face. Doing the Adoption Dance in my wheelchair.

zapper said...

Breaks my heart when I see a "reject" like this. I always wonder if a little patience and maybe behavior training would have solved the problem. Or is "doesn't get along with my kids" on the same excuse level as "their too old and not fun anymore".

JoeM said...

He is good on walks and boy does he love them! Ammo is very quiet in the house when you are there but does cry a little when no one is home, very excited when you return. If he needs to go out he will let you know, paws you, goes to door or a very soft bark.

Unknown said...

Sometimes Pekes and little kids or babies don't mix. I wouldn't put it in the "they are to old and don't do anything catagory. Child safety is first.